Three Things

Quick — name three things that come to mind when I mention the state of Maine.

Got them? How many are in the photo?

My trio is water, rocks, and trees.  I’d expect lighthouses and lobster to be on many lists.

Acadia National Park outside of Bar Harbor offers breathtaking views. The water was calm during my visit. Use your imagination and conjure the powerful waves during a storm. Crashing against the rocks. Sheets of water sliding back into the surf. Over and over. Year after year. The timeless struggle of sea and land.

Non-Beach Reads

How’s summer going? Are you keeping to those goals and plans set in January?

Yeah, I thought so. On those short winter days, when I was setting goals and targets for 2020, I was an optimist. I planned three trips away from home — one for writing business and two for pleasure. (Yes, visiting relatives counts as pleasure.)

One by one the events and travel plans were cancelled. It was sort of like watching dominoes fall in slow motion. Even a couple of shorter trips — one night excursions to far corners of the state — are in serious doubt.

One thing that’s never cancelled (okay, when the library was closed it was difficult) is taking a vacation by reading a book. Within the magic covers you can travel to places unheard of in the real world. Want to step back in time? Check out a vision of the future? Explore a region on a different continent?

A selection of romance authors — these share the initial B — delightful for a summer vacation in your favorite chair. Keep a beverage within reach!

Witches and Whaling

My son and I planned the trip months in advance. He’d not been very far east of our Midwestern home. I wanted to visit some relatives and see some special historical sites.

Can we…? I looked at the 17 year-old and agreed. (Always consider your traveling companions.)

We added Salem, MA to our itinerary.  It was delightful. Witchcraft trial museums and plays. Whaling and clipper ship history and displays. Excellent seafood.

Among all the good things in Salem, MA — I think I liked the waterfront best.


Happy Birthday!!!

The document was first read to the public here. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself 244 years ago in a large, thriving Colonial port.

Are you relating to one of the well-dressed gentlemen in knee breeches? Or the lady of a prosperous household in an imported dress and bonnet? Perhaps you are a crew member of a sailing ship? Or a worker in a brickyard? You might be a servant girl cooking and cleaning for room and board.

I’ve only visited this city once. Enjoyed all the historical sites and fell in love with the waterfront. They were setting everything up for the large, annual birthday party the next week. (Considering events of 2020, I expect the “large” portion to be canceled.)

This Philadelphia view was taken from one of the ships displayed at the waterfront. The United States was younger then — a mere 222.

Rugged. Difficult travel.

In the list of mountains, they are not among the highest. The entire slopes, including the top, are covered with trees.

In a way, that increased the difficulty of finding a pathway. Can a horse, or a man, find a way from one valley to the next? And then there was the problem of getting confused, losing your direction.

Explorers. Pathfinders. Pioneers. Those of the Daniel Boone generation did have the the luxury of following a highway, or a power cut, as they blazed a trail from eastern to western Virginia. The mountains clung to their own secrets.

After the Last Page

Have you ever finished a book and just sat there thinking —

That was so real.

I want to know people like that.

I’ve learned something.

I never thought about that event/issue in quite that way before.

This made me laugh for the first time in ages.

Are you aware the author would love to know how you feel about their work?

How? Write a review. It doesn’t need to be long. Or fancy. It can be in response to fiction or non-fiction. You can comment on work by a well-known author — or a person without fame.

Have you read this? How about a short review?

Turn over a new leaf. Write a review for the next book you enjoy!

Comfort? Or Gusto?

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Dispelling the rumor that falling in love has an expiration date.

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Delayed, Not Neglected

As a child raised in the American Midwest, the ocean was more concept than reality. Earlier than many of my peers (my family took summer road trips), I was a teen when I first encountered salt water.

Perhaps it’s a family trait. Or I may have been following a path of least resistance. In any event — when I moved away from home — I headed West.

When living in the Pacific Northwest and vacationing in various places in the West — I saw some spectacular sunsets over water. It was not until I was the parent of adult children I managed to view a sunrise over the ocean. The occasion was a visit to South Carolina. In addition to one sunrise, I enjoyed afternoon visits to this Atlantic Ocean beach.

Feathered residents of Isle of Palms

A Bay off a Bay

From the pier it looked like open water. Another illusion.

On my first tourist trip to Alabama (had driven across the panhandle without stopping once before), friends and I joined a tour anchored on the east side of Mobile Bay.

Interesting sites. Guided tours. Good food. Sailing on the bay on a fine afternoon. Warmer than my home state in mid-March.

On our final afternoon, I was tempted to try kayaking (I’ve been in a canoe, not kayak), but the little bay off of Mobile Bay was choppy. I took the advice of others and stayed on land.

The next morning I took a walk and found this.

I think I stood in awe of the amount of flat, still water.

PS: Date on photo is incorrect. Actual date was March 2010.


Bargain Price

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