Advent candles

Christmas is coming!

Advent is here!

Advent, a time of preparation and anticipation, occupies the four weeks prior to Christmas on the calendar. It can be a time of reflection. A time of joy. A time to wait.

In ancient times, before Christianity reached Northern Europe, they had a custom of putting candles on a wreath or a wheel. Some say this symbolized the anticipation of sunlight to return and days to grow longer again.

The modern Advent Wreath really is only a century old. You find them in homes and churches with purple or blue candles – often with one pink or rose – and increasingly with a central white candle.

During each of the four Sundays of the Advent season an additional candle is lit – demonstrating the approach of Christmas.  Themes or names may be attached to them as aspects of the season to emphasize that week. Two of the most common series are:

Hope     Love        Joy       Peace

Prophecy     Bethlehem    Shepherds    Angels

So take a moment to light a candle, read a devotion, and ponder the Greatest Gift.


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