My work days were spent at the house learning Drywall 101.

Patient teachers instructed corner work. Exposed corners, like those around doorless openings and windows became my primary work. I like it better than filling drywall screw depressions in the ceiling. (I don’t think I’m cut out for ceiling work.) The final day they put me in the closet.

No — I didn’t mess up that badly. But they thought it was a good place to practice interior corners. I think other people practiced skills in this closet. We ran two large fans in the house – one aimed down each hall. Neither stirred a drop of air where I stood on my short ladder.

It’s New Orleans. It rained. The sun came out.

I think I found the warmest place in the house!

Another portion of our group worked on a house much closer to complete. Their first, and largest task, was to stain and finish the living room floor. You could tell how involved each of them became the first day when they returned to camp with smudges and swipes of dark brown stain on clothing and skin.

The clear coat they added the other days didn’t stand out in the crowd. Then they went on down a list of things to be done – shower surround, trim and quarter round. Soon the homeower can clip the price tags from the light fixtures and move in.

Welcome patient owner.


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