Cool Shoes

Quick. Take a peek at your feet. What sort of shoes are you wearing?

Are you lounging around the house in socks or slippers? Taking a break at work in loafers, pumps or wingtips? Between classes in sneakers? At the coffee shop in winter boots – practical or fashion?

Me? This work-at-home author is not a shoe diva — sneakers are my default footwear. I own others and wear them when the occasion arises.  Peek in my closet and you’ll find a few basics: flip-flops, sandals, hiking boots, and dress flats fill my needs. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring some of the more colorful and fashionable footwear made.

Love the statement made by the assistant’s footwear below. They look warm and cozy for winter temperatures.

Warm Fashion Statement

Warm Fashion Statement


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