Lawn Inspector

It’s a difficult but necessary task. And this neighbor is well suited.

The grass needs to be checked for length. Is it even? It is too long? Is it time for the landscape service and their noisy machines to visit?

Spring and early summer suit him best. The lawn is lush, green, and tantalizing to his astute olfactory receptors. The earthworms are evading the robins. The canine and feline residents are leaving their traces. A human child drops a sweet treat.

By fall the grass turns brown and a chill invades the air. And winter — forget it — white frozen coating may be fun for some — but not this sporty model.

Too Low for Snow

Too Low for Snow

The supporting cast of collies in Starr Tree Farm romp year round. Read about their humans in the paperback edition: now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



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