An Invitation to Children

School’s out! Yipee!

I’m bored. When can I see my friends?

Does that sound familiar? I’ve said and heard both of the above.

So what to do? Books can transport you, or your children, anywhere. Think of them as an old-fashioned time machine. Knights & ladies. Galaxies far, far away. Talking animals exploring a new neighborhood.

Okay — you want to get outside. It’s good to move around. Healthy to get a little sunshine and exercise.

No reason not to combine activities. This happy character with welcome arms can prompt play in the nearby water plaza and a story on the trip home. Cost to see him up close and personal? In St. Louis you can visit for the cost of a trip to his home downtown. Do you have some of his friends in your city?

As Big as Imagination

As Big as Imagination

Crystal Springs doesn’t have much for public sculpture. What it does have is stories. Check out Starr Tree Farm and Hiding Places to visit a fictional Wisconsin town.

Available now. As easy as A…B…or C.


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Crimson Romance:



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