Octagon = a geometric figure with eight sides (the shape of  STOP sign)

Octet = a collection of eight – objects, singers, performers

Today we feature an octet of ORANGES —

Temporary Octet

Temporary Octet

Humans have enjoyed oranges for centuries. They are mentioned in Chinese literature as early as 314 BC. (Or BCE for the super political correct.)

If Americans want to visit an orange grove to see this evergreen, flowering tree in person, they should include Florida or California on their itinerary.  They are also grown in smaller numbers in Arizona and Texas. And if you desire to leave the United States, I suggest Brazil. Seek out the warmer portions of these places, where water is available, and land suitable for farming.

In English the fruit was named long before the color. The word orange in reference to the yellow-red hue did not appear written until 1512 — recent for a word — old for an ancestor.

The octet pictured above is broken now. The scent and the simple act of handling the fruit to pose it tempted my appetite. But that is okay. The vitamins, fiber, and liquid in the sweet fruit combine for welcome nutrition.

So toast your neighbor with a glass of orange juice in the morning and picture rows and rows of stately, green trees with each swallow.




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