Future Occupation

Grandmother’s garden is neat and tidy. It’s designed for easy care. A few minutes to remove weeds is all the necessary work to keep it looking in top form.

It’s also an interesting play yard. Knell on the grass. Reach over the border.

Fill the toys with light colored rock and transport :

Out of the mine to the crushing machine.

To the rock sorter.

Over the mountain pass to the construction site.

Dump. Smooth. Make a path for the tricycle girl.

I’ll keep it right here, Grandma. Ready for a new adventure on my next visit.



One response to “Future Occupation

  1. Many tonned trucks filled with stones, gravel and sand
    disturb my sleep as sun and heat expands.
    Machines to move dirt, lay tar and cement
    Bang, crash, cause long lines of cars
    with driver’s who vent.

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