What’s on your Plate?

Did you have a good holiday? I hope it included some fun, family and friends as well as feasting.

I’m thinking of my dinner plate at the moment. Okay, I confess, I think of food often. Several hours from the release of this blog I’ll face a plate of re-heated meat and vegetables from yesterday’s feast. I’ll add a new starch today.

What about you? Do you have a fridge stuffed with feast remains? Did the hostess send you home with enough for another meal? Traditional? Or eclectic?

And what about that other plate — you know, it’s also called an agenda.

Many people return to work today. Others have an extended weekend to be more flexible in their activities. Some will go shopping. Others will clean house after all the guests. Making lists is always popular at this time of year. And thousands of Americans will begin decorating for the next major holiday.

So on this day after: May your plate be full of interesting foods and activities.


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