Lion or Lamb

March – comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb.

At least that was the folk saying which passed for wisdom during my childhood. The adults around me paid close attention to the weather. Their livelihood as farmers depended on it.

In elementary school we decorated the March calendar with Lions, kites, and Lambs. Once in a while a shamrock was added. We made sure to wear green if the seventeenth fell on a school day. (No one likes getting pinched.)

How is the first of March outside your window? Are you having a blizzard? Cold wind and rain? Or a mild sunny day.

The flip side – scary part – is that if March arrives like a gentle lamb it will go out like a roaring lion.

I think I’ll take my storms early in the month. After the official start of spring my thoughts turn to gardens. What will I plant this year? When dare I start?



2 responses to “Lion or Lamb

  1. Where I am, the near bare ground looks like it’s been sprinkled with powdered sugar.

    I don’t understand,”avoid getting pinched.”:

  2. Maybe it was a local thing — but if you didn’t wear something green on St. Patrick’s day your classmates would pinch you – usually on the arm.

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