Fairy Tale Setting

A castle in the English countryside. Strong defenses are not required since most of the wars are over — but a nice drawbridge and moat will keep the riff-raff at bay.


The castle fell into dis-repair some generations after the most famous daughters called this “home”. An American millionaire restored much, expanded the gardens, and installed tourist worthy sights.

Fans and authors of historical romance should be able to build a story, invent a family, and a happy ending for either a son or daughter raised in such pleasant surroundings.

I ask one thing of the authors taking up the challenge above. Please have it end better for your heroine than it did for Anne Boleyn. (This is Hever Castle, her childhood home.)


2 responses to “Fairy Tale Setting

  1. It is said to be haunted by the sad Anne. Probably a “happily ever after” could soothe the spirits.

  2. No sign of “spirits” the day I visited.
    Beautiful woodwork. Lots of waterfowl for a welcoming committee.

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