House Hunting for Imaginary People

Authors have a variety of methods to do research.

Yes — fiction requires research. Few things stop a reader in the middle of a page, or a chapter, quicker than a bit of background presented as fact which is not in agreement with the real world. (Okay, paranormal and fantasy writers have a different set of parameters to research — but they need to be consistent with the rules they create for their book world.)

The internet is a wonderful tool. And the library has materials which fill in many gaps.

Yesterday I choose to use a different method. My characters need homes. So I went for a drive in my extended neighborhood. Several places did not suit. Many of the homes were too large for what I wanted for my characters. But a turn off the busy street at the right place brings nice surprises.

Rich Taylor's neighborhood

Can you imagine a widower downsizing to this neighborhood of small ranch houses?

(Please ignore the author’s dirty windshield.)


One response to “House Hunting for Imaginary People

  1. I’d never thought of this but it makes sense!

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