Glitz. Gambling. Secrets.

It’s known as the Silver State. Don’t be fooled. Gold, copper, and diatomite are also extracted from the earth and contribute to the economy. With the building of Hoover Dam making electricity available, the construction of Las Vegas as a tourist and gambling destination followed.

Look beyond the few miles of flashing lights and adult shows. You’ll find canyons to explore, historical sites to visit, and modern factories turning out electronics and other modern items.

The first time I visited this state, we booked a vacation package in Reno and added a side trip to Virginia City. Mining country. High altitude. The dry, Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada.

My most recent trip, to Las Vegas centered on visiting relatives. We skipped the glitz and basked in the natural wonder of Red Rock Canyon.


A majestic view to contemplate your results at the casino.


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