Tropical paradise. According to the travel brochures, a visit to Hawaii will raise your spirits and reduce your stress levels.

The sample I experienced on my one visit to the Aloha State supports the statement — at least the trend. I live in the Midwest and timed my visit to shorten a winter. The sweater worn under the windbreaker remained stashed in the luggage from arrival to departure.

Enjoy a stop in the youngest of the United States, a former Kingdom with British ties and influences. It became a portion of the US in 1898 and a state in 1959.

Got for a stroll. Evening on the beach. Music. A stray surfer or two. Tourists and locals swimming. Minimum tides (that surprised me). Fruits and flowers new to me.

As part of a tour group, I was kept busy. We visited historical sites. Received an introduction to Island Culture. Enjoyed some wonders of nature – waterfalls, beaches, and forests. Our bus took us up the side of a volcano (and safely back down). Yield to the downhill bicyclists. (I didn’t notice any biking up.)

Lots of things to experience on this multi-island state. My personal list has plenty to fill another two or three visits.

The view from Diamond Head goes for miles, and miles, and miles.                     (Allow plenty of time to catch your breath after the climb.)


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