The tap, tap, tap on the computer keys continues.

One of the beautiful things about books is that you can travel to the time and place of your choice.  Currently, Hiding Places and Starr Tree Farm transport you to small town Wisconsin in June or January respectively.

More stories to come.

Both titles are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Crimson Romance. Electronic and print-on-demand.

* * *

Starr Tree Farm, Ellen Parker’s debut novel is now available from Crimson Romance. A sweet, romantic suspense, this story set in small town Wisconsin. Come visit Laura, Brad and the other characters in the fictional village of Crystal Springs.

Available from and wherever fine ebooks are sold.

It’s been fun combining fact and fiction to bring this story to life.

Ellen Parker grew up as the youngest in a family that shared their home with plenty of books and magazines. Heidi and Bambi, not the Walt Disney edition, were two of her childhood favorites.

A lifetime later, when computers eased corrections and spelling, she started to write down the stories that filled her imagination. Her favorite reading topics are romantic suspense, historical fiction, and biographies. Watch this site for reviews of some of her recent reads.

Currently Ellen is learning her craft and tapping away at the keyboard guiding character to their happily-ever-after.♦  She lives in St. Louis and when not writing can be found among the small groups at her church, walking in the neighborhood, or working in her postage stamp sized garden

Visiting Missouri Botanical Garden

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5 responses to “BIO

  1. Your site looks wonderful! May it flourish and grow along with your garden and your writing career.

  2. Congrats on starting your web site. It looks great.

    Chris C

  3. So happy I finally connected! Love the flowers. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs.
    Dawn B

  4. Your site looks great, Ellen! Love the flowers:)
    Best –

  5. Love the site. Best wishes Ellen!

    Michelle Sharp

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