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Artful Attraction

One of several nice things about sculpture is the option of the viewer to see all sides of a piece. However, this also leads to one of the problems with sculpture. Some works need a large display space.

Some bright person devised the idea of a sculpture park (or garden) to facilitate the positive and minimize the negative.

At the St. Louis facility the displayed pieces run from a traditional bust of a historic figure to the largest deer you’re likely to ever see. Some you can walk right up to and touch. But be nice, and obey the signs on others. The materials vary from metal, to stone, to fiberglass — or a mix.

A sculpture that hugs YOU!



A Royal Welcome

Tourists in Europe visit castles. And churches. And palaces.

A prince wants to make a good impression on his guests. Paying close attention to the entrance view and details is one way to accomplish the goal. Imagine —

You are a wealthy family from a neighboring country and you arrive in a well-appointed coach pulled by a matched team of black horses. And at the apex of the circular drive, in front of the wide steps, you are greeted with artwork.

I’m not sure about you — but I consider this grand. And I’d expect my host to be educated, cultured, and yes: WEALTHY.

Welcome to Belvedere Palace in Vienna

A Railroad sort of Town

You wouldn’t know the boundaries until you spotted a sign these days.

But once upon a time – soon after the cholera epidemic of 1849 – a ring of independent towns – the early suburbs – formed around St. Louis.

According to local lore, one of them was established by a train man. And as recently as the generation ahead of my own, I heard of commuters to downtown taking the daily train from the station across the tracks from city hall.

The tracks remain. Every day they are used by freight trains delivering coal, rock, and boxcars of other goods. And Amtrack pauses but a moment on its journey across Missouri.

I sit in my car, behind a few others, and wait. 1, 2,3,4…I count the freight cars. 52, 53, 54… the warning bell at the crossing continues to clang. 104, 105, the final car passes and the long black and white crossing bars raise for traffic.

Placed with a good view of the modern, sleeker models as they glide through town.

One word – two meanings

A single English word often has more than one meaning. Most frequently these meanings are related. Walk, for example, can refer to the action of moving by foot or the path where you are treading along.

There are a few exceptions.

Lean.  The meanings for this word vary enough that my dictionary gives it two entries. What does it tell you if you saw a lean man lean against a wall?

Personally, I’d want to know more.

Can you find the two meanings of a single word in this photo?

Check out that eyeball in the distance.

He’s Ready!!!

Farmers have been in the news in recent weeks. The focus of these articles are the larger concerns where the crops are planted in the hundreds (and thousands) of acres and animals number higher.

Today’s topic concerns another sort of farmer. You’ll see him now as spring moves north. (At least I hope spring arrives soon.)

You see the press urging you to buy local. Buy fresh. This is your man. The people tending a booth at your local Farmer’s Market.

Here you find a mix of fruits and vegetables (sometimes meat and cheese) shipped in from other areas of the country and those locally grown.

If my thumb was green enough. If my yard measured in acres instead of square feet. If I had the ambition to tend and water and pick and sell.

Farmer Joe is ready for the season!



Tip Toeing on Many Feet

Several of my friends despise spiders. Myself — it’s usually more startle factor than actual fear of the animal.

That does not mean I lack fear. There are plenty of other animals that I avoid, cringe when I encounter, and haven’t figured out why God lets them survive.

And then there are man-made items. And I have some fears about the ones designed or capable of doing harm to other people – or me.

But have you ever looked at a man-made item and given thanks it’s what it is — and not a living creature seeking supper? Such as…

I am the root monster — and I’m coming to sip at your veins.

(Yes, I’ve seen a few low budget monster movies in my life.)

Winter Wrap

When the weather turns cold it’s natural to reach for a wrap.

Depending on things such as the location, century, and your sex, you may reach for a shawl, a cape, a cloak, a jacket, or a coat. Living in the American Midwest I’ve reached for three or more in the same week.

Then there are special sort of wraps — like the one below.

Contrary to first guess — this is not a crime scene.

It’s merely the staff protecting a marble figure from our winter (and early spring) weather. I like to turn my imagination loose and create my own face and dress on this work of art.

Relaxation Technique

Are you tense? Angry? Frustrated that others are not doing their jobs as you feel they should?

You should relax. Rid your body of overt amounts of tension.

Many techniques exist. And some have made fortunes for the authors and teachers. Massage is frequently recommended — but it requires a second person.

Meditation and prayer appear near the top of any list.

And then my favorite – rumored to be able to soothe a savage beast — music.

Sculpture of boy charming frog and bird with his flute.

I’m not sure of flutes. But our milk cows swayed to the music on the radio.


One step to success

Are you ambitious?  Do you want to succeed?

Most people I know would answer yes to those questions. A few have achieved it. Others keep striving. And still others don’t recognize it in front of them.

You’ve heard about the steps. Get a good education. Work hard. Pay your dues in time and talent. Sometimes they leave out a step.

Do you enjoy your work?  Can you imagine your life without doing ____?

Today’s glass and steel flower is exactly what you need…

Allow me to introduce PASSION.


One day when I was a young teen, and unacquainted with the title of this piece, I went to the neighbor’s woods.

These woods were close. From our property I crossed one road and one field. Then I was in a patch of woods which included a pond. In the winter I ice skated here. It was a great place to let the imagination fly.

This particular day was in the fall. I’m not certain, but I think I was looking for a frog to take to school. No frogs as I walked all the way around the pond.

But on the way home. Still in the woods, I saw a tree branch hosting hundreds, actually thousands, of Monarch butterflies taking a rest during their migration.

Recently I attended an exhibit at our botanical garden featuring glass sculptures. The artist captured my experience.